In Georgia, the coming hunting for heretics “(Opposition calls for explanation from the authorities on procurement of equipment for torture)

In Georgia razgaraetsya new scandal in the human rights field. The opposition of the country requires an explanation from the authorities on procurement of equipment for torture. The fact is that in the published report of an international organization Amnesty International, Georgia ranks among the countries procuring electric shock equipment. Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry denies the assumptions of the report, calling them “vague and imprecise.

As you know, Georgia is a party to the UN Convention against Torture. It is interesting that three years ago Committee Organization Against Torture expressed concern about the relatively small number of convicted and subjected to disciplinary punishment of employees of power structures of the republic in light of numerous allegations of torture and inhuman treatment, and lack of public information on such cases.

As for the organization Amnesty International, then the international structure has repeatedly reported that in Georgia, and after coming to power of Mikhail Saakashvili, the practice of torture to prisoners. International human rights activists have repeatedly urged the Georgian authorities to take urgent measures to end torture and ill-treatment in places of detention.

In the cruel treatment of prisoners accused security forces and the Georgian opposition. In fervale leader of “The Future of Georgia” George Ishino noted that in Georgia prisons, prisoners are tortured. “We have data that Gldani, Rustavi and Kutaisi prisons continued beatings and torture of prisoners. Beats a prisoner for the slightest offense, and the public in the cells,” - said Ishino. According to him, statements by the representatives of the authorities that the recent situation in prisons has changed for the better, are blatant lie. “According to our data, increased mortality rate among prisoners, patients were not transferred to the prison hospital - said Ishino. - Our party will send to international organizations detailed information about the situation in the penitentiary system of the republic.”

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1 April 2010 | demand, equipment for torture, explanation, opposition, power, procurement

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