Patrushev did not rule out “Georgian traces” in the Moscow bombings

In the investigation of terrorist attacks in the Moscow subway on March 29 may receive the “Georgian traces”, said on Tuesday Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev told Interfax news agency.

“We had information that some members of the Georgian special services have contacts with terrorist organizations in Russia’s North Caucasus. We must check and this version too, in relation to terrorist acts in Moscow - Russia said the Security Council secretary.

30 March 2010 | 29 march, act of terrorism, patrushev, war

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The Supreme Court of North Ossetia, took up the case against a citizen of Russia, who by the order of the Georgian secret services in Russia to collect sensitive information.
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North Caucasus District Military Court sentenced Colonel Russia's army of Michael Khachidze to 6 years of colony.
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The FSC has operational information on the preparation of terrorist acts by Georgian special services in the territory of Russia.
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The Russian authorities are confident that Georgia will not zasylat in Russia saboteurs, fear of “getting a good response.