Pentagon will prepare the Georgian military for the mission in Afghanistan

U.S. intends to assist Georgia in training of military deployed to the international coalition in Afghanistan, said Deputy Defense Minister of Georgia Nikoloz Vashakidze. “The Pentagon is planning to provide the Baltic states and Georgia, which sent military contingents to Afghanistan, serious help. It primarily involves the training and equipping our military, as well as a number of other details necessary for successful international operations”, - said N. Vashakidze reporters on Saturday.

27 March 2010 | afghanistan, georgia's military, mission, pentagon

The U.S. stationed military forces in Georgia
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• The Pentagon intends to rebuild the armed forces of Georgia »»»
The Working Group of the U.S. Defense Department will come to Georgia to assess the military needs of the country after the war with Russia, - says Washington Times.
• The U.S. stationed military forces in Georgia »»»
The U.S. has the intention to deploy military forces in Georgia.
• Saakashvili proposed to use Georgia for NATO strikes »»»
Mikheil Saakashvili offered the U.S. use Georgia as a staging ground for attacks on NATO forces to the extremist Taliban movement in Afghanistan.
• Georgia may send troops to Afghanistan »»»
Georgian Defense Ministry is negotiating with NATO on the direction of the Georgian military units in Afghanistan.
• United States: Education Georgian army will continue »»»
United States intend to continue training the Georgian army. However, the instructors would be sent only to those parts that are planned to send to Afghanistan.