Georgian “thief in law” avenged Jap

In Marseille, on March 24 killed a Georgian criminal authority Vladimir “Lado” Janashia, said “Georgia today.”

According to investigators, Janashia murder was committed as a retaliation for the elimination of the summer of 2009 “kingpin” Vyacheslav Ivankov, nicknamed “Jap.” The killing was the result of a third consecutive attempt on the life Janashia that the last two months in hiding in France under an assumed name. Lado belonged to a group Tariel Oniani (Muluhova) named Taro, which in the criminal world is ordering the murder Jap.

Meanwhile Khamovnichesky court in Moscow suspended for one day of hearings on the case Oniani, who is in custody on charges of kidnapping and extortion. Preliminary hearings will be held on March 25. After the commission of investigation in Russia, Oniani should be extradited to Spain, where he is charged with the legalization of illegally obtained funds and organizing a criminal community. Local law enforcement back in 2005 have announced one of the leaders of the “Russian mafia” in the international search.

Tariel Oniani considered the main opponent of Russia’s largest crime boss Aslan Usoyana nicknamed Grandpa Hassan. According to some reports, in the criminal environment Oniani already been sentenced to death for the murder Jap, who was one of the approximate Usoyana.

24 March 2010 | criminal "authority", murder

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