The plant in Georgia was flooded with beer

A brewery “Kazbegi” in the Georgian town of Rustavi on Wednesday night struck 15 multi-ton tank with a beer. It is still unknown whether there are casualties among the staff.

24 March 2010 | accident, beer

Saakashvili’s Georgia is ready to impeach. (The opposition parties should unite their forces against the barbaric regime of President.)
Georgian “thief in law” avenged Jap

• Georgian media reported an attempt to undermine the four transmission lines in the east. Guilty called Ossetians »»»
Unknown in the night of Wednesday trying to undermine the four high-voltage power lines in the village Tsagvli Khashuri district (Eastern Georgia).
• Russian General Staff analyzes the trophy card: Georgia was planning to seize Abkhazia per night »»»
The Georgian military planning to seize Abkhazia during the day.
• During the war in South Ossetia killed 2100 civilians. Refined data of General Staff »»»
General Staff of Russia Announces New data on those killed in South Ossetia.
• Saakashvili warned Russian tanks in Khashuri and Borjomi »»»
Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili said that Russian tanks occupied the town of Khashuri and Borjomi in the central part of Georgia, reported Reuters.
• Novodvorskii and Borovoy, instead of "Rustavi 2", "interrogated" Russia's security services »»»
Russia’s opposition politicians, Valeria Novodvorskaya and Konstantin Borovoy fell into the trap - they say they thought that the interview with them in Moscow.