Saakashvili’s Georgia is ready to impeach. (The opposition parties should unite their forces against the barbaric regime of President.)

Today at noon at the initiative of the Georgian Labor Party is going to general assembly - in the hotel “Tbilisi Marriott” representatives of the major opposition forces will train the impeachment of Mikhail Saakashvili.

- At the meeting will come all the opposition parties, who have at least 2-percent rating - Life News General Secretary said “the Labor Party of Georgia” Joseph Shatberashvili.

At the meeting, representatives of the authorities to discuss all the options, how to find a way to remove the official legislative Saakashvili from power. The first of them - the announcement of impeachment, but as long as this does not have enough votes from among the MPs. But there are other options.

- We will discuss not only how to impeach him, but also provide a free platform to ensure that all parties will be able to make their proposals on the situation in the country - added Shatberashvili.

Saakashvili’s call to declare impeachment by referendum sounded a week ago, after another outrage by the Georgian authorities, who allowed and even, most likely, initiated the release of provocative TV program about an alleged outbreak of war with Georgia. The first impeachment of a party leader said “White” Temur Shashiashvili.

- Shut up, you hate the president and his government today - equivalent to the loss of honor and dignity, to change the country - said Shashiashvili. - We call ponder the question of impeachment of President through a referendum.

Recall that in order to impeach Mikhail Saakashvili, needs only one third of the votes of deputies. But Saakashvili has dismissed this way yet still difficult - because of the 150 elected deputies - 119 loyalist president.

Some opposition parties have refused to participate in the preparation of impeachment. This - “People’s Forum” and the “Alliance of the New Right and the Republicans.”

22 March 2010 | general assembly, impeachment, opposition, saakashvili

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