Customs union will return to Russia, Georgian wine, and “Bush legs”

Establishment of the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan will change the regime bans on treatment of imported goods in the territory of Russia. The newspaper Kommersant wrote that Russia may return, for example, Georgian wine and mineral water “Borjomi”, the decision Rospotrebnadzor withdrawn from circulation in 2006.

From July 2010 to support such bans Rospotrebnadzor, Russia will need to obtain permission from the Kazakhstan and Belarus. However, for example, Georgian wine, Belarus and Kazakhstan meet sanitary requirements, as the chlorine solution and processed chicken from the United States.

Earlier, Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin has demanded that Russia’s government to ensure that across the borders of a single customs union to the whole territory of the entry of goods that could create problems in the markets of member countries. He did not specify what goods can be described as “problematic.”

In Minpromtorg assured that Russia will continue to close its markets for certain products, but these functions will be transferred from the Ministry of Health Rospotrebnadzor. But officials could not explain exactly how the mechanism would work for such decisions in the Customs Union.

Members of the Customs Union as early as in 2009 agreed to establish a joint commission, which will unify the veterinary and phytosanitary requirements of the three countries. It is assumed that the principle of veterinary-sanitary measures in the Customs Union will be similar to that adopted in the EU order, where there are common rules for permits for all countries.

The newspaper “RBC daily” notes that a separate EU member state may impose only a short-term ban on imports of a product. But in order that the barrier acted consistently, the country will need the approval of the European Agency for Food Safety Board or a sanction for all 27 EU countries.

In 2009, Russia has quarreled with Minsk on the “prohibited” goods. Then Rospotrebnadzor accused Minsk of the export of Moldovan wines in Rho

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May return to Russia of Borjomi and Georgian wine

• Onishchenko, ready to return "Borjomi" in Russia »»»
Russian Sanitary Service intends to take action against illegal suppliers of mineral water “Borjomi” from Belarus to Russia, the press service of Rospotrebnadzor.
• Federal Service is studying the possibility of formal appeal of entry to Russia "Borjomi" »»»
Russian Sanitary Service is considering the possibility of resuming shipments to Russia of Georgian mineral water “Borjomi.
• According to the "First Channel" was advertising Georgian mineral water Borjomi, banned in Russia »»»
Russia’s Channel One aired ads Georgian mineral water Borjomi. As a REGNUM correspondent in Yerevan.
• May return to Russia of Borjomi and Georgian wine »»»
From 1 July 2010 under the Customs Union of Russia will lose opportunity to close the markets for some goods.
• "Borjomi" is made from tap water and chemicals - Vice Prime Minister of South Ossetia »»»
“The reserves of mineral water« Borjomi »dried up long ago, - the Minister of Industry, Vice-premier of South Ossetia Taimuraz Chochiev.