Novodvorskii and Borovoy, instead of “Rustavi 2″, “interrogated” Russia’s security services

Russia’s opposition politicians, Valeria Novodvorskaya and Konstantin Borovoy fell into the trap - they say they thought that the interview with them in Moscow, after their visit to Georgia, Georgian rides Rustavi 2 “, while in fact they probably all, “interrogated” by the representatives of Russian intelligence.

As the Georgian TV Company, doubts about the authenticity of journalists politicians crept in when they arrived at the meeting - no Borovoy, nor Novodvorskaya not recognize in them the representatives of “Rustavi 2″, which often give interviews.

Borovoe lzhezhurnalistov managed to photograph, but the identity of two men who appeared to him to record an interview for him remained unknown. The issues mainly referred to the recent visit of opposition politicians in Georgia and the story TV “Imedi”, which contained an imitation of a military attack by Russia against Georgia.

According Novodvorskaya Georgian television, probably visitors had to use the name of “Rustavi 2″ because Russia’s television networks, with the exception of live broadcast, it does not give interviews.

“We found that those who used the name” Rustavi 2 “, these interviews were needed for one of Russian TV channels, which is preparing a film about the traitors of Russia”, - she said.

As for the theme simulated plot Imedi, Novodvorskaya believes that Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili has no relation to him. “I told them my opinion - it is impossible that Saakashvili was aware of this, because no president wants to say that his army crossed over to the enemy, and he was killed,” - said Novodvorskaya.

18 March 2010 | "rustavi 2", novodvorskaya, russia's security services, upland

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