The protest caused by television spots “Imedi”, held in Tbilisi

Well-known human rights activists, opposition members and community leaders gathered on Sunday at a protest rally in Tbilisi, to express outrage at the plot of the TV company “Imedi” about the supposed invasion of Russian troops and the murder of the President of Georgia, on Saturday night triggered panic across the country, correspondent RIA Novosti.

Cautioning that shows a scenario of possible events, television began with the transfer of conventional splash news, which said “the invasion” and “killing the president.” Those viewers who have not seen the screen saver, by the report seriously. People from all over the country began to call each other and the TV studio to find out what happens in reality.

“I will not be original if I say that it was terror, terror against its population. That the virtual world was created by the authorities” - RIA Novosti said a leader of the NGO “Former Political Prisoners for Human Rights” Gela Nikolaishvili.

He called the transfer “Imedi” propaganda story in the Bolshevik-style “.

“It was a real physical and moral terror of the authorities”, - said in his speech at the rally leader of women Guguli Magradze. She argues that television is fully controlled by the authorities.

Magradze called for the entire population to actively participate in scheduled for late May elections to local authorities that, in her words, “the only way to get rid of the current authorities, which have no future in this country.”

Another representative of the opposition Conservative Party, Lasha Chkhartishvili stated that the purpose of transfer of “Imedi” was to intimidate the population ahead of the elections.

As the correspondent of RIA Novosti, the leaders of major opposition parties did not participate in the meeting that, as explained by their representatives, to avoid further accusations by the authorities that this action has once again organized by them, and not initiated by the society.

14 March 2010 | imedi, meeting, suyuzhet protest, tbilisi

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