Burjanadze is preparing legal action against the TV company “Imedi”

Counsel of the Party of ex-Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia, the leader of the party “Democratic Movement - a unified Georgia, Nino Burjanadze is preparing legal action against the Imedi television, which on Saturday night triggered panic across Georgia, sending on the supposed invasion of Russian troops and the murder of President Mikhail Saakashvili.

Cautioning that shows a scenario of possible events, “if the Georgian society will not be consolidated against Russia’s plan,” Television started transmission with splash conventional news. Those Georgian viewers who have not seen the splash screen at the beginning of the transfer, seriously embraced the message of the beginning of a new war with Russia. People from all over the country began to call each other and the TV studio to find out what happens in reality.

To clarify the situation in the television studio at the request of President Saakashvili immediately came his spokesman Manana Manjgaladze, which calmed the people, saying that at this stage of Georgia does not threaten this development. At the same time, she stated that outraged transfer. According to her, the whole plot was to be accompanied by a caption that is just a dramatization.

“The lawyer has since yesterday evening working on the claim that in the coming days we will make in court. It will be a criminal complaint because of” Imedi “went beyond the administrative offense” - RIA Novosti said the spokesperson of the Burjanadze Khatuna Ivanishvili Sunday .

Statement of intent to sue the broadcaster Burzhanadze made yesterday at a protest rally in front of the TV Company, where, after the airing of the scandalous transfer brings together hundreds of residents of Tbilisi, as well as prominent human rights activists and representatives of the major opposition forces.

“Personally, I on behalf of the party intends to file a lawsuit and not only because we are there mentioned, but because from the beginning to the end it was a criminal affair … What about me was not important. The important thing is how to deal with his people power, which is absolutely not worried about who would break

14 March 2010 | burdjanadze, imedi, invasion, saakashvili

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