In Tskhinvali claim to a Georgian military convoy near the border with South Ossetia

This Interfax, in particular, said South Ossetian presidential envoy on post-conflict settlement Boris Chochiyev. According to him, near the Georgian village Mezhprishevi observed the movement of large columns of Georgian military, which had arrived from the Georgian town of Gori. However, he said, quote, “As usual, the EU observers, who are in the security zone, carry out the mission covering. Chochiyev believes that Georgia is preparing a new provocation against the republic.

13 March 2010 | aggravation, conflict, georgia, south ossetia

The real danger of the invasion of Russia in Georgia, no - press Speaker Saakashvili
Burjanadze is preparing legal action against the TV company “Imedi”

• E. Kokoity: Georgia's plans Medvedev - Sarkozy »»»
South Ossetian President Eduard Kokoity said on the complications of the situation along the border with Georgia, claiming that the latter violates the “plan Medvedev - Sarkozy.
• [08.08.08] Today - anniversary of the beginning of the beginning of the Georgian-Russian military conflict »»»
On the night of 8 August (about 00.15 Moscow time), the Georgian troops had shelled Tskhinval from Grad rocket launchers, and approximately 03.
• The Georgian military vehicles invaded the territory of South Ossetia »»»
The Georgian military had violated the state border of South Ossetia.
• Georgian Foreign Ministry accuses Russia of "capture of new territories." Saakashvili said that he does not want a new armed conflict »»»
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on Sunday issued a new indictment against the Russian military.
• Saakashvili afraid of their own tanks »»»
Georgia denied the information about taking Gori Russian troops. Georgian president also said that a column of tanks, observed near Tbilisi, the Georgian and has been moving towards Gori.