The real danger of the invasion of Russia in Georgia, no - press Speaker Saakashvili

. Press speaker of the Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili Manana Manjgaladze stated that the real danger of Russia’s invasion of Georgia not.

Georgian television station Imedi on Saturday sparked panic throughout Georgia, the transfer of “Special Report”. Cautioning that “Imedi” shows a scenario of possible events, “if the Georgian society will not be consolidated against Russia’s plan,” Television started transmission with splash of conventional news, which had said “about the invasion and the assassination of President Mikheil Saakashvili.”

“The provocations are possible, although I can say with confidence that, at the request of the president, a real danger, which was introduced in the transmission, broadcast for 25 minutes, to date, our country has not,” - said Manjgaladze.

According to her, she quickly came to the studio on the orders of the President of Georgia.

Manjgaladze agreed with the criticism of the fact that the transfer has caused panic in the country, as well as during the broadcast of a possible staging of events has not been made on the screen corresponding to the label.

“I believe that when preparing such a transfer, along with a warning on the screen have to be marked that it is an imitation, and to some extent, re-enactment. This inscription was to be on screen throughout the transmission,” - said press-speaker .

She expressed her indignation at what he saw. According to her, she missed the entry, where it was said that this is staged.

13 March 2010 | no danger, press speaker, statement

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