Saakashvili has asked Armenia to help establish a dialogue with Russia, experts doubt that Moscow will speak with the Georgian leader

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili asked his Armenian counterpart Serzh Sargsyan to mediate in the issue of normalization of Russo-Georgian relations, said the chairman of the Georgian Labor Party Natelashvili.

Writes Yerevan Azg “Natelashvili said that during the recent visit of the Armenian leader in Batumi between the two Presidents discussed the possibility of mediation in the normalization of Armenian Russo-Georgian relations.

Meanwhile, Director of Caucasus Institute Alexander Iskandaryan believes that the recent discovery of checkpoint Upper Lars “is not a window in the improvement of political relations between Russia and Georgia. According to the expert, the relationship between Moscow and Tbilisi are in such condition that in the current political format to provide dramatic improvements possible, “especially in the context of Georgia’s official position on which relations with Russia could develop a post-deokkupatsii.

“With Russia’s hand at the moment is hard to imagine” - quoted political scientist Agency “Novosti - Armenia. “It seems to me very unlikely that improvement of political relations between Russia and Georgia, which, with some degree of irresponsibility, can be called a reformation of the conflict”, - said Iskandaryan.

According to the expert, in fact the political conflict between Georgia and Russia remain at approximately the same condition in which it was, but other components of the conflict are removed or mitigated, inter alia, humanitarian and economic components. The analyst added that in the world, there are acute and severe conflicts, such as Cyprus and the Trans-Dniester, where there are glow of the parties, but the humanitarian and economic relationship has continued and almost never interrupted.

In the context of Russo-Georgian relations Iskandarian cited as an example the situation with the supply of gas supply to Georgia, which was interrupted by about night during the August war. “This is not isolated event. I think that sooner or later the situation may reach a point where h

11 March 2010 | intermediary, requests, russo-georgian relations, saakashvili

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