Russia supported the business Mikhail Saakashvili

Russia business as opposed to officials pleased with the political regime in Georgia. There really was less corruption problems and obstacles on the route, say entrepreneurs.

Georgia and Ukraine are the “most liberal” among the states neighboring Russia, it is easiest to do business and interact with the administrative authorities, said Vice-President of VimpelCom Dmitry Kromskoye.

“The most liberal - Georgia and Ukraine, there is no need to personalize the subscribers, there is the frequency in case there shall be issued free of charge” - said a top manager. In second place in the non-preference ranking of business - Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Armenia. “There - about the same”, - says Dmitry Kromskoye and adds that the hardest work in Uzbekistan.

Vladimir Pozdnyakov, head of the Ukrainian representative IDC does not agree with that Infocommunication business in Ukraine relieved of administrative barriers. “Ukraine - it is not true, but in Georgia - the truth - he said. - In Georgia, there is no corruption, and all the procedures for opening business operations of enterprises, the customs cargo moving quite clear and transparent.”

10 March 2010 | large biznez, mikhail saakashvili

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