Georgia American lobbyists pay 300 thousand dollars for a meeting with congressmen and representatives of Obama

The Georgian authorities have hired a U.S. lobbying firm Podesta Group (PG), which will organize meetings with representatives of the Georgian leadership of the Congress and the U.S. administration. The cost of a contract for six months, up 300 thousand dollars. According to the newspaper Kommersant, the efforts of PG already reached a preliminary agreement on a working visit to Washington of President Mikheil Saakashvili, to be held in the near future.

The fact that Georgia has hired PG, on Tuesday reported the Internet edition of the Georgian Civil Georgia. A source in the government of Georgia has confirmed this information. Kommersant also managed to see the text of the notification of the transaction, PG transferred to the Ministry of Justice in accordance with the law on lobbying.

10 March 2010 | 300 thousand dollars, meetings

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