Saakashvili instructed to verify and identify drug use among officials throughout the country. Misko ready to pass the first test.

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili has supported an initiative on the application of modern methods to identify drug users in state structures. It is reported by “Georgia Online”.
At a meeting with the deputy Dmitry Lordkipanidze, who made this initiative, and Health Minister Alexander Kvitashvili Georgian president asked the head of the Ministry of Health to develop a program of civil servants checking for drugs.
“This is one of the best initiatives that I have heard in recent years, and it does not degrade the dignity of citizens, as it is necessary to pass just a hair” - “Saakashvili said.
“We are sitting in prison and six thousand men for drug trafficking, but it does not help, because we need to create a situation where an addict can not find a job for him not to marry, it will not take friends and family, and only then can will talk about solving the problem of drug addiction, “- he added.
The Georgian leader also said he was ready to surrender his first hair for analysis.

6 March 2010 | saakashvili instructed officials to check on drug

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