During a visit to Moscow, Nino Burjanadze, was appointed “chief traitor of Georgia”

Ex-Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia, the leader of the Democratic Movement “Nino Burjanadze, was solemnly appointed Georgian television” traitor number one “- for having an international voyage began with Moscow. “Someone has to deal with Georgia,” - commented the ex-speaker of his visit to Russia’s capital.

“Problems of Georgia” in a statement “Demdvizheniya”, accompanied by a visit of its leader, says Nezavisimaya Gazeta. “Georgia is in its international isolation. Talking with the current regime declared refuses Russia and undeclared - the international community, including strategic partners. The military rhetoric of the authorities kept the country in a continuous provocation … have lost 20% of the country. The rule is inactive, no real plan of reunification. Power resigned and is trying to force and people come to terms with the futility of resolving the problem … Considering that today between Russia and key European states is the formation of a completely new relationship, and in the Russo-American relations topical issue of so-called restart, we believe required the immediate implementation of an extraordinary international activism … Based on the fact that the settlement of Georgia’s major problems is only possible through peaceful means, we think that the political dialogue with Russia is vital to the unity of our country … That’s why I served in Moscow, but within a further two weeks, I scheduled a meeting in Brussels, European capitals and the United States, “- the statement said Burjanadze.

Ex-Speaker in recent years have repeatedly talked about the necessity of political contacts with Moscow, if only for the solution of territorial problems of Georgia. Pravda, Russia’s leading direct text more than once declared that the current official Tbilisi will not be any negotiations, they may take place only after the change of the Saakashvili regime.

Such an ultimatum allowed Moscow to the Georgian authorities declare that Noghaideli, who organized the visit Burjanadze, and she’s proclamations “cares about the terri

4 March 2010 | "traitor number one", burdjanadze, visit to moscow

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