Saakashvili said that will no longer run for the presidency, does not consider the August war was lost and was in favor of a strong Russia

Eighteen months after the conflict in South Ossetia, Moscow and Tbilisi, in fact, are in a state of cold war. Russia’s authorities believe the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili a criminal and an outcast, and he them - the occupiers. The correspondent of “Power” Vladimir Solovyov, met with nerukopozhatnym for Moscow, the Georgian leader and discovered that he did not consider the August war was lost.

“In the Kremlin, we are dealing with surgeons and pharmacists”
- The authorities of Russia clearly stated: the current regime in Georgia, with you personally, they will not be the case. It turns out that the year 2013 (year end presidential term of Mikhail Saakashvili) in the Russo-Georgian relations, nothing will change?

- First, who told them that the current leadership of Georgia will last only until 2013? Yes, I will not run for president. But it does not mean that that ideology, which I represent, there will be no more a priority for the Georgian population. It would not be Saakashvili, will be someone else. But the rate will be the same. Secondly, one must understand that a person, of course, can have value, but this ideology has been established, this generation already exists and does not change. We were and rallies, and demonstrations, but the popularity of my course have never enjoyed the support of less than 50% of the population. And now it is 70% or more. This country clearly consolidated. Our policy of liberal economy, democracy, free and open society will only grow stronger.

1 March 2010 | interview, saakashvili

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