Russia and Georgia reveal border

Direct communication open from March 1, between Russia and Georgia: resumes work border checkpoint Kazbegi - Upper Lars.

Item car, so cross the border on foot would be impossible.

In addition, the border does not provide a simplified regime of crossing for citizens of Russia and Georgia, living in border regions.

July 8, 2006 Russia announced the closure of crossing of Upper Lars “on repairs and landscaping,” the BBC-si.

The Georgian side states that agreed to negotiations on the opening of the PPC at the request of Armenia.

1 March 2010 | checkpoint, opening

Foreign Ministry: Russia is ready to resume transport links with Georgia, but will not talk to Saakashvili
Saakashvili said that will no longer run for the presidency, does not consider the August war was lost and was in favor of a strong Russia

• At the Georgian-Russian border will open shops duty-free »»»
At the Georgian-Russian border (Kazbegi - Lars) will open duty free shop.
• Georgia announced the opening of the border with Russia »»»
Moscow and Tbilisi have agreed to the opening of the Kazbegi - Upper Lars checkpoint on the Russo-Georgian border.
• Georgia did not believe in opening of the Russian border post. (FSB has opened a border post in the disputed area) »»»
The Georgian authorities have called “impossible” opening of the Russian border post at Mamison Pass on the border between North and South Ossetia.
• Poll: Citizens of Georgia as a whole does not support anti-Russian policy »»»
More than half of Georgia’s population - 59% of respondents to local branch of the National Democratic Institute of the U.
Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili spoke today with an initiative to cancel the visa regime for Russian citizens.