The hurricane has left thousands without electricity residents of Tbilisi and the Georgian regions

In eastern Georgia on Monday hit a hurricane that uproot trees and perennial tear roofs from homes, damaged power lines.

In different parts of Tbilisi hurricane wind put out as high-and low-voltage power line, told Interfax in the Tbilisi electricity distribution company Telasi.

“At the moment remain without electricity for about 15 thousand subscribers. Despite the efforts of maintenance crews, recovery hampered by the fact that the wind will not subside,” - said the representative Telasi.

The element is rampant in the regions. According to Interfax, the company “Energo Pro Georgia” (a former joint distribution the energy company of Georgia), hurricane-energized a number of areas in the regions of Kakheti, Shida Kartli and Kvemo Kartli region, depriving the electricity for more than 60 thousand families.

22 February 2010 | destruction, hurricane, kakheti, kvemo kartli, power line, shida kartli

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• Tbilisi without electricity were 65 thousand inhabitants »»»
On Wednesday morning at one of the transformers of the Tbilisi thermal power accident occurred.
• Almost all of Georgia remained without electricity because of damage to power lines caused a fire at a garbage dump »»»
Practically all of Georgia on Sunday remained without electricity because of damage to high voltage transmission lines in the settlement of the region of Mtskheta Ksani Mtianeti near Tbilisi.
• Georgian media reported an attempt to undermine the four transmission lines in the east. Guilty called Ossetians »»»
Unknown in the night of Wednesday trying to undermine the four high-voltage power lines in the village Tsagvli Khashuri district (Eastern Georgia).
• Tbilissi sans électricité étaient de 65 mille habitants »»»
Le mercredi matin à l'un des transformateurs de la centrale thermique de Tbilissi accident s'est produit.
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