Georgia became foreign countries for the residents of Russia. Rosstat ruled Caucasian country from the list “neighbors”

Rosstat struck Georgia from CIS countries. In the department explained that this was due to release this country from the CIS. Information that Georgia, unlike Armenia and Azerbaijan, Russia now belongs to the far abroad, the government of Georgia has caused a slight bewilderment. “It is unclear why this decision was made at a time when the four-year operating Russia’s embargo on imports of Georgian products to Russia?” - Marveled at the State Chancellery in Tbilisi.

According to the newspaper Kommersant, the Federal State Statistics Service had no choice: The documents statnablyudeniya occasionally appears adopted more Goskomstat of Russia, the term “countries of CIS and Baltic States”, indicating the former Soviet Union. But in the official bulletins statisticheskoyotchetnosti Baltic countries since the mid 90’s are far-abroad or allocated in a separate group - the former Soviet republics outside the CIS, a particular group does not exist. Meanwhile, the inclusion of Georgia in the number of foreign countries, apparently, stops the calculation of structures of the past Rosstat aggregate indicators for the ex-USSR.

Georgian economic expert Georgy Khukhashvili said: “The economic relations of Russia with the neighboring countries are based to a greater extent, on policies and neekonomike. Moscow has thus once again make it clear: economic relations with Georgia will be constructed as a relationship to something alien and hostile. This is fraught with policy tightening not only vplane imports of Georgian products, but energy exports to Georgia. ” Thus the expert stressed that “trade and economic relations between Georgia and Russia, and so are minimized.” If Russia can not simply be attributed to Georgia to long, but very, very distant countries, our country would be in that category . Rosstat RF simply reflects this reality, “- he believes.

The changes could affect the overall migration statistics. Official immigration population growth of Russia in 242 thousand people in 2008 in 2009 has increased - by 5,

21 February 2010 | cis, logout, near abroad, rosstat

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