Georgia will pay for the Stalinist repressions

Descendants of victims of Stalinist repression will receive compensation from the Government of Georgia. The European Court of Human Rights ordered the Georgian authorities to indemnify brothers Klaus and Yuri Kiladze.

Their parents had been repressed in 1930. Father executed, his mother was sent to the gulag. Apartment Giladze in Tbilisi had been confiscated along with the property. Samih the brothers were separated from remaining at large family by sending in an orphanage in the RSFSR. After 2 years they have managed to return to Georgia. Their mother also returned to their homeland. After Stalin’s death, she and her late husband had been rehabilitated.

In 1998, parents of the brothers Kiladze were officially recognized as victims of political repression. In 2005, Klaus and Yuri Kiladze filed a lawsuit demanding moral and financial compensation on the basis of the 1997 Law of Georgia on the Protection of the repressed citizens.

However, courts in Georgia refused to take Kiladze, arguing that additional laws are needed to establish the size of compensation. Then the brothers appealed to the European Court of Human Rights. Determine the amount of payments to the ECHR was not working. The court ordered Georgia to reconsider the denial of compensation brothers Kiladze and pay them for 4 thousand euros each.

Experts believe that the decision in the case Kiladze could set a precedent and allow other victims of Stalin’s repressions in Georgia to seek redress. And such people in the country, according to government estimates, 16 thousand.

However, experts say, remains unanswered the question of historical responsibility for crimes committed during the Soviet era. It is unclear why someone who would be compensated for his loss of repression. For the Georgian government, the question is painful because the compensation - it’s still money to be allocated from the budget. And somehow just louder and more frequently heard in the words of Georgia that the country was allegedly forcibly occupied by the USSR. The logic of the Georgian authorities is simple: as the successor of the Soviet Union was Russia, then it should be held accountable. Whatever th

13 February 2010 | compensation, repression, stalin

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