Famous Georgian journalist seeks asylum in Switzerland, to dosnyat film about the August war in the Caucasus

Well-known journalist in Georgia, the head of the studio “Reporter” Vakhtang Komakhidze requested political asylum to the Swiss authorities, Interfax reported.

In a letter released on the internet journalist, in particular, said that the Georgian authorities to pursue him and his family threatened with death if he is to unveil footage a few weeks ago in Tskhinvali, a documentary about the events related to the five-day Georgian-South Ossetian war with Russia in August 2008 year.

As we have previously Komakhidze shot a documentary on the circumstances of the death of Georgian Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania, who died on the official version of the apartment from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Komakhidze writes, he and two other Georgian human rights activists in December last year were invited to Tskhinvali in connection with the release of detainees there four Georgian teenagers who have previously found explosives. During this visit, the authorities in South Ossetia told him the materials that are not in the best light represented by the current Georgian leadership.

“I do not know what information is out of my movie would be most painful for the current Georgian authorities. It is possible that the State Minister of Georgia for two days before the war, coordinated with the Tskhinvali leadership to the emergency evacuation from Tskhinvali grandmother spokeswoman for President Saakashvili Alans Gagloyeva, or the authorities abandoned to their fate Georgian population of the Tskhinvali region, “- wrote Komakhidze.

He noted that to complete his film, he can only, decided to temporarily leave the country.

13 February 2010 | georgia, reporter, vakhtang komakhidze

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