Saakashvili: Ukraine irretrievably gone to the West

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili believes that the new president of Ukraine took place in accordance with European standards.

“I want to express my great satisfaction from what happened last week in Ukraine … Very many European countries may envy the Ukrainian people” - he said the TV channel “Ukraine”.

Saakashvili said that “Ukraine has to follow the European path. … There is no alternative Ukraine irrevocably gone on the European path.”

Notably, Saakashvili answered a question about the scandal surrounding Georgian observers.

According to him, in the first round, they arrived in Ukraine to harmonize both with Yulia Tymoshenko, as well as with the Party of Regions and Viktor Yushchenko.

Saakashvili claims that, having heard the protests of the Ukrainian side about the arrival of observers after the first round, he decided not to send them to the second round.

Representative of the Secretariat Viktor Yushchenko and former head of his campaign headquarters Bessmertny praised Saakashvili’s remarks, calling it a historic personality.

“This man still appreciate it … It protects democracy, including, and whip. And this is right”, - said the Immortal.

7 February 2010 | air, european standard, interview, saakashvili, tv

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