In summer 2008, the United States thought about the use of its troops in Georgia

On the application of U.S. troops “in response to Russia’s invasion of Georgia has repeatedly thought about President George W. Bush and his entourage, according to the publication Politico, referring to the new history of the conflict and interviews with former members of the Bush administration.

“When the Georgian side in desperation begged the Americans to help block the main track, on which Russia poured troops into the country, those who knew the national security of the United States, proposed a number of responses, including the bombing and blocking the Roki Tunnel and other” surgical strikes “, - writes Journalist Ben Smith.

These issues were addressed at the August 11 meeting Bush, Vice President Cheney and key ministers, says Ron Asmus, has just published a book “The Little War, which shocked the world.” “None of the participants did not approve the use of force” - shows Asmus.

“The fact that the use of force in general, appeared to reflect the scale of the crisis” the summer of 2008 and present danger of the South Caucasus for the whole world believes edition. Was the United States, refrained from bombing the tunnel, it will become clear only after 10-20 years, believes Joe Wood, a former deputy assistant to Cheney for national security affairs. If Russia continues to assert by force, claiming to be a sphere of influence, remember that at that moment she was able to change the borders of Europe, he said.

6 February 2010 | block, bombing, bush, roki tunnel

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In August 2008 the United States were on the verge of war with Russia - Washington planned airstrikes on the Roki tunnel.
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