In August 2008 the United States were on the verge of war with Russia

In August 2008 the United States were on the verge of war with Russia - Washington planned airstrikes on the Roki tunnel, to prevent Russia’s troops to help South Ossetia /
Ronald Asmus, former Assistant Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in the Clinton administration, issued in the U.S. book on the conflict over South Ossetia in August 2008 under the name “Little War, which shocked the world: Georgia, Russia and the Future of the West.”
The sympathies of the author entirely on the side of Tbilisi, and Moscow has exhibited “violent aggressor”. But for such a wicked approach we are used to. Where is more important than another. The author gives a sensational testimony: it turns out, after the outbreak of fighting in Washington is seriously discussing the possibility of armed U.S. intervention in the conflict on Georgia’s side. In particular, some senior White House proposed air strikes to destroy the Roki tunnel to cut off Russia’s forces from South Ossetia.
According to Asmus, the idea was discussed in some detail, but in the end, President Bush decided to abandon it because “it became clear that such an operation will provoke an armed confrontation with Russia, which could escalate into global war.” And the Pentagon said that is guaranteed to destroy the tunnel non-nuclear means is difficult, especially as for the protection of Russia has leveraged its powerful group of air defense.
The author laments that the rapid defeat of Georgia can revive Russia’s claim to the title of a great power after two decades of strong decline. But U.S. and NATO could do nothing to save Saakashvili when he tripped and landed in the center of the war. ” Well, I had Mishiko closer look at his feet, before marching on the defenseless Tskhinvali …
Why is this book appeared in the U.S. right now, one and a half years after the conflict? Probably, the fact that the author wanted to show: despite the failures of political and military losses in Iraq and Afghanistan, America continues to “steer” on the planet. Who wants - punishes anyone wants - pardons.

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