Bush aides were considering a strike to end the Russo-Georgian war ( “Bloomberg”, USA)

When in August 2008, the first in Russia’s tanks entered Georgia, could have reached a turning point in the history of the post-cold war era.

Team George Bush on national security issues seriously considered the application of air strikes to halt the invasion. Vladimir Putin boasted that only he can be trusted. But Nicolas Sarkozy is literally forced to the Georgian leader to sign a ceasefire agreement.

Here are three peaks towering above to the diplomatic curtain, which revealed Ronald Asmus (Ronald D. Asmus), in his book “A Little War That Shook the World: Georgia, Russia and the Future of the West” (a small war that shook the world : Georgia, Russia and the future of the West). This is a really fascinating account of the events of the five-day August war.

Asmus, who worked as an assistant secretary in the Clinton administration, now headed by the Brussels office of Marshall Fund of Germany - the United States “(German Marshall Fund of the United States). It was a story about real politics and the diplomatic deadlock on the basis of previously unpublished documents and interviews with Western and Georgian representatives. Collected together, this material was clear evidence of how the West was unable to resist emboldened Russia.

The book is written with knowledge: it is inherent diplomat and understanding of political nuance and journalistic coverage details. It can be traced, as Russia took advantage of the contradictions between the U.S. and Europe, which exacerbated the festering wound of the Iraq war, to stop the stubborn rebellious movement of Georgia toward the West.

From it we learn that “some senior White House, insisted that” at least some consideration of options for limited military action “, such as the bombing of the mountain tunnel that served as the principal mode of supply for the Russian troops.

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In August 2008 the United States were on the verge of war with Russia - Washington planned airstrikes on the Roki tunnel.
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The Government of Georgia submitted a 190-page "Statement in relation to full-scale Russian aggression carried out against Georgia, reported IA" News-Georgia ".
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The situation of the day (for the Georgian Gambit): Georgia (Saakashvili), attacking South Ossetia, urged Russia to intervene, then the whole world shouts that Russia treacherously attacking Georgia because it supports American values.
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Guilt in initiating war, South Ossetia Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili has failed to demonstrate Investigatory Committee (UPC), Russia.
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