Elections in Ukraine: The fate of the Georgian assault

The last days of presidential campaign in Ukraine, which experts called before lethargic and not enough active, have suddenly become very hot: in Donetsk and Kyiv has landed a powerful “landing” so-called observers from Georgia.

The emergence of “hot Georgian guys” so concerned about the campaign headquarters candidate Viktor Yanukovich, that he, acting on the brink of a foul, even decided to gather journalists on Saturday, officially declared “day of silence” ahead of Sunday’s vote.

“He arrived to the girl”

As reported at the meeting with the press deputy leader of the Party of Regions, Boris Kolesnikov, on Friday arrived in Donetsk two charter flights from Tbilisi, the first of which was delivered to 152 and the second - 145 passengers. All of them - strong men aged 25 to 40 years.

With the passage of border controls and guests from Georgia explained that they decided to inflict a collective visit to Donetsk girls, which met through correspondence via internet. However, according to Kolesnikov, some of them were found at a map and detailed lists and addresses of all polling stations in Donetsk region.

On Saturday, as reported by Kolesnikov, RIA Novosti, another charter flight from Georgia with 120 passengers, men landed in Kiev Borispol airport. Information on how to explain the purpose of their arrival, these guests, Yanukovych’s campaign headquarters did not have.

THREE THOUSAND Georgian observers

As recalled in the headquarters of Yanukovych, shortly before the Central Election Commission of Ukraine refused to register more than three thousand observers, who decided to send to the presidential elections of Georgia. The reason for refusal was the lack of properly completed documents, as well as the inability to check all the documents submitted in the short term.

Following this, the Internet appeared audio telephone conversation in which a woman with a voice resembling the voice of the Prime Minister and presidential candidate, Yulia Timoshenko, thanked the man, whose voice recalls the voice of Presidio

17 January 2010 | arrest, detention, georgia, presidential election, troopers

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