Georgia becomes a totalitarian country where there is no place democracy

Georgian opposition leaders at a meeting on Sunday with Chairman of the Committee of Ministers, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland Micheline Calmy-Re told her about his vision of the situation in the country.

“We talked about abuses by the authorities in the field of human rights, political repression, the authorities control over the media and the court”, - told reporters after meeting the leader of the party “Democratic Movement - a unified Georgia, Nino Burjanadze. According to her, “already in the conclusion of the meeting, Mrs. Calmy-Rey acknowledged that the situation in Georgia, described the opposition, is significantly different from that which it presented in the power structures.

Nino Burjanadze believes that the overall political and socio-economic situation in Georgia in the past six months has significantly deteriorated. “Georgia is becoming a totalitarian country where there is no place of democracy, and the opposition hopes that Europe will pay attention to it and” - she said.

17 January 2010 | democracy, saakashvili, totalitarian country

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