In Donetsk, has already beaten Georgians, “roughly speaking to the Georgia”

Bloc Tymoshenko beating members of the electoral headquarters of the presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovych, two journalists of the Georgian TV channel Imedi. Relevant information revealed in the press office of the political forces of today, January 17.

“On Saturday in the premises of Donetsk Yanukovych’s campaign headquarters, they wanted to interview, but instead of rudely kicked out of the building, escorting a filthy abuse. After that, reporters noticed that they were everywhere began to walk two men athletic build. Near one of the institutions of the city, they attacked the journalists of Imedi and severely beaten, while roughly speaking to the Georgia “, - said Tymoshenko Bloc. Press Service of Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc “outraged grave criminal actions against journalists and freedom of speech and believes that the aggression against foreign journalists is a clear indication that the Party of Regions is ready to go to any criminal action for falsification of election results.” Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc appeals to law enforcement agencies with the requirement to immediately investigate the attack on foreign journalists in Donetsk and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Earlier, Secretary of the Donetsk city council, the representative of the Party of Regions Mykola Levchenko said that about 400 citizens of Georgia to date are in Donetsk with unclear objectives. “Those who came from Georgia to a question about the purpose of his visit, answered that they had come to the girl, or intend to celebrate in Donetsk, the old New Year’s Eve, but at the city council is worried that they might disrupt the elections,” - he added. According to Levchenko, city officials sent a request to the Regional Department of the Interior Ministry with a request to contact the Interpol and find out who paid for charter flights and by whom are the people who came.

Before the Internet came audiotape, where two people with a voice like voice of Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili and Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, discussing the topic of Georgian observers. She thanked the man for sending “commands”, and he, in turn, assured

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