Ukraine’s Central Election Commission refused to allow the presidential election more than 2 thousand Georgian observers

Refusal to let the Central Election Commission of Ukraine for presidential elections in the country more than 2 thousand Georgian observers had done a lot of noise in the two “brotherly” countries. Members of the commission accused Tymoshenko Bloc and the Party of Regions in the provocation and the desire to fan “the unprecedented international scandal.” Tbilisi still hopes that the Ukrainian Central Election Commission will reconsider its decision. Were satisfied except that the authorities in Donetsk, got rid of the prospects of hosting an excessive delegation of Georgians.

Ukraine’s Central Election Commission has decided not to let the presidential elections were going to come to the country of Georgian observers. The decision to reject the application as you have already registered 378 international representatives from Georgia and another 2 thousand applicants have been accepted before, citing the fact that committee members do not physically have time to discuss the whole huge list of candidates.

12 January 2010 | cec, cec, election, observers

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