Where “grow wings” at the IL-76

Recently, the global information space, a host of publications with targeted accusations against Ukraine - they say, Ukraine recklessly sells arms even with rogue states. What is it coincidence or a well thought-out campaign aimed at discrediting and strike on the image of Ukraine.
As previously reported, on 12 December in the capital of Thailand, was arrested on an Il-76 belonging to the Georgian Airlines Air West, a crew which included citizens of Belarus and Kazakhstan.
IL-76 with tail number 4L-AWA departed from the DPRK and sat in the airport of the capital of Thailand, for refueling. According to other sources, landing was caused by technical malfunction of the aircraft. According to another version, the plane forced to land fighter Thai Air Force, after he entered the airspace of the country.
After landing, the aircraft inspected and found on board 35 tons of weapons, including anti-tank grenade launchers and missiles, surface-to-air missiles.

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• In Thailand, the Georgian arrested airliner Il-76, loaded with 35 tons of weapons from North Korea »»»
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