“Soon the Abkhazians will turn back to the Russians and reflect upon the return of Georgia”

According to Georgian authorities in Abkhazia is now taking place quite interesting processes. According to the Georgian leadership, will soon turn its back to the Abkhaz and the Russians might think about returning to Georgia. Such statements, official Tbilisi did in the days of Shevardnadze, but really nothing like this has not. Moreover, relations between Georgians and Abkhazians to the “Rose Revolution” was much better than now.

But the government thinks differently. They argue that the Abkhaz have already understood that in Russia’s hands they are destined to die. And evidence of this is that at the end of the year from the occupied territories in Tbilisi moved several families, asked the Georgian authorities of asylum. Optimistic forecasts made and the authorities of Abkhazia in exile. According to them, what happened - only the beginning, and shelters in Georgia ask many more people. Let’s see whether this is so, but given the fact that many Georgians travel abroad for “a piece of bread, believe in it with difficulty.

7 January 2010 | back, return to the georgia, turn

Index of Economic Freedom IEF (The Heritage Foundation): Russia - 143 position, Georgia - 26 position of 183
In Russia, landed first in almost a year and a half plane Georgian

• Putin urged the Georgian authorities do not expect the U.S. and cited International »»»
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has urged the Georgian authorities did not seek the solution of problems encountered in Tbilisi and Abkhazia and South Ossetia without the help of third parties.
• UN has accused Georgia of misinformation about the situation in Abkhazia »»»
Security Council considered the report of Ban Ki-moon on the conflict Tbilisi and Sukhumi on Tuesday the UN Security Council held closed consultations on the settlement of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict.
• Georgia intends to close the issue of Armenian nationalism »»»
September 4 starts his working visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Grigol Vashadze in Armenia.
• Georgian experts called to tell the truth about the August conflict »»»
Georgian experts who participated in the conference “War 08.08.08: political.
• In Tbilisi argue that deployed to Abkhazia, Russian military and journalists, and wait for provocation »»»
Vice-Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia Paata Davitaia argues that Russia has increased its military presence in the territory of Abkhazia.