The journalists were beaten for trying to remove Saakashvili

Zugdidi Journalists Ilya Chachibaya and Nana Pazhava subjected to physical and mental abuse, because Dec. 31 was attempting to photograph the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili at the rink, the newspaper’s correspondent in Tbilisi VIEW referring to the center “Kavkasia.

In particular, Ilya Chachibaya said he took a mobile lame president, but then some guards forcibly took away his phone, while, according to the journalist, himself Saakashvili saw it.

As Nana Pazhava, her strength away camcorder, when she filmed the motorcade Saakashvili, erased frames.

Journalists are going to appeal to the courts.

As the newspaper VIEW, according to the newspaper “Chronicle” for several hours before the New Year, President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili received a foot injury, rolling on the ice in Zugdidi, about 340 kilometers from Tbilisi.

“It was a serious incident” - the newspaper says, citing eyewitnesses.

At the scene, to the skating rink, arrived cascade ambulances, “notes the Chronicle.”

Administration of the President of Georgia has not yet commented on this post.

5 January 2010 | beat, chachibaya, journalists, pazhava, phone, saakashvili, survey

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