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The Georgian side has never created barriers to air service between Russia and Georgia, says the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic. As recalled in comments published on Wednesday by the Department of Press and Information Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, after the events of August 2008 between Georgia and Russia were suspended diplomatic relations. “March 4, 2009 to exchange notes have been established interests of Georgia Section of the Embassy of Switzerland in Russia and Russia’s interests section of the Swiss Embassy in Georgia. Since then relations between the official structures of Georgia and Russia carried out through the Swiss Embassy. Therefore, any document which is sent formal structures of Russia in violation of established rules, in particular, bypassing the intermediary - the Swiss side, can not be considered an official document, “- explains the Foreign Minister.

Information regarding the possible implementation of charter flights between Georgia and Russia became known to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia from the statements of Foreign Affairs of Russia. The Georgian side has never created obstacles to air traffic between the two countries. Russia has a unilateral decision to stop air link between the two countries “, — said.

However, in the Department of Press and Information Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia notes that if Russia further information was required to implement the charter, Georgia is ready to provide such information in accordance with established rules, through the Swiss side.

Meanwhile, on the eve of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Nino Kalandadze told journalists that Russia is belatedly submitted a request to allow chartered flights between Moscow and Tbilisi in connection with which these air operations in the New Year holidays were not held. Request Russia party in connection with the resolution for flights late, “- she said. According to her, only to Russia on Dec. 28 gave solvable

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