Putin received a response “conk”: Georgia offered him a monument to Stalin in exchange for the return of Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Georgian State Minister for Reintegration Teimuraz Minister also suggested that Russia would exchange the monument to Stalin in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Echo of Moscow “. “We are pleased to have traded a monument to Stalin in Abkhazia and Ossetia, and as the date, would give the Memorial of Glory” - a quotation leads Georgian news agency GHN.

“Let them give us back the occupied territories, as well as the date we are ready to give and the destroyed material” - as quoted Minister of State information resource “Our Abkhazia.”

Recall the prime minister of Russia Vladimir Putin has said he did not intend to interfere in the decision making process for the restoration of the monument in Moscow recently exploded in the Georgian town of Kutaisi. He did not rule out that the creator of the memorial, the Georgian sculptor Merab Berdzenishvili, initially welcomed the idea of its restoration in Russia, may be pressured by the Georgian authorities.

In this regard, stressed Putin, Russia’s side will be ready to be sympathetic to any decision of the Georgian sculptor - he agreed to participate in the restoration of the monument or not. “Naturally, for political reasons, the Georgian authorities will have some pressure on him. For them, the re-establishment of the monument in Moscow - this is another blow to the nose. It is clear to all, and of course, they will put pressure on the author, that he did not agree,” — Putin said.

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Between Russia and Georgia showing signs of warming relations?
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• Putin promised to recreate in Moscow exploded in Kutaisi memorial »»»
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has promised to restore the monument of glory in Moscow, demolished in Kutaisi on 19 December.
• Russia wants to restore the partnership with the constructive forces of Georgia »»»
Russia intends to re-establish partnership with all constructive political forces of Georgia.
• Putin's proposal for the Memorial of Glory in Tbilisi estimated as a provocation »»»
The proposal of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to establish a memorial destroyed in Kutaisi Fame in Moscow, Georgian MPs regard as another provocation.
• Putin urged the Georgian authorities do not expect the U.S. and cited International »»»
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has urged the Georgian authorities did not seek the solution of problems encountered in Tbilisi and Abkhazia and South Ossetia without the help of third parties.
• Saakashvili deceived Putin »»»
However, at the conclusion of the negotiations Moscow had expected an unpleasant surprise.