Between Russia and Georgia showing signs of warming relations?

And Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev, was speaking with angry accusations against Saakashvili, which are often personal in nature. It seems that the Kremlin had hoped that the Georgian president deposed by opposition protests that took place this year, but failed.

But Medvedev said this month that supports the restoration of direct flights between Moscow and Tbilisi, and Russia’s Border Guard Service welcomed the decision taken at last week’s decision to open the border checkpoint “Upper Lars”, stating “the mutual needs of the resumption of international traffic between Russia and Georgia .

From the cessation of land transport seriously injured the only ally of Russia in the Caucasus of Armenia. Moscow since the Cold War kept in Armenia, the military garrison of just over 1000 people, and she is constantly having problems with the supply of the garrison.

“Relations between Russia and Armenia are important, so Russia would have been somewhat effective, if it could normalize the transport connection”, - said deputy director of the independent Center for Political Technologies, Aleksei Makarkin.

Saakashvili, for his part has repeatedly accused Moscow of preparing his overthrow. At the end of last week, he repeated the accusation in a speech.

“Russia has tried all possible means to destroy us, including the war, occupation and espionage” - he said.

Saakashvili also called on Georgians to prepare for the new Russia’s invasion. “Every citizen of Georgia should be ready to defend every home should become a hotbed of resistance to the enemy’s attack,” - he said.

However, in the tone, which is not heard from him since the end of last year’s war, Saakashvili added: “Georgia does not want bad relations with Russia. We’re not crazy.”

29 December 2009 | recrimination, warming relations

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