“Krasnodar Krai” - historical territory of Georgia

Mr. Lavrov believes that the Georgian people will accept the occupation of their historical territory. His interpretation of the policy is the only theater of the absurd that, in turn, reflects the essence of Russia’s political morality of the absurd, which fed the Kremlin assessors its people. Unfortunately, the Russian people have not realized yet what they have a government that deceives them, their own people …

We give some historical facts about the origin TN Krasnodar region of Georgia, to the Government of Russia and the Russian people was clear that not only Abkhazeti, but almost all the so-called Krasnodar Kray belonged to the state of Georgia. We will not even touch the ancient history of Georgia, and give scientific data about only in 1918, when this ancient corner of Georgia was again returned to within the Georgian state.

Russia’s scientists and politicians of the stature, Mr. Lavrov try not to touch this topic, it is a sore point for Russia statehood, as well as modern Russia is a certain historical-territorial units of Georgia. This situation negatively affects the image of Rossiyskogo States, moreover, in this historic territory of Georgia, Russia plans to hold the Olympics. I assure the Government of Russia and personally you, Mr. Minister, that the plan of your plan and will remain, as the Georgian state will never allow you to hold the Olympics in their historic territory.

28 December 2009 | georgia, historical, territory

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