Reuters interceded for Kadyrov: it does not threaten Ukraine and Georgia, the words out of context

Call Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov eliminate Ukraine and Georgia may be the invention of Ukrainian origin. The agency Reuters, has published a scandalous interview with the Chechen leader, said that Kadyrov’s words were taken out of context by unscrupulous interpreters, wrote “”.

It was reported that on Monday, Reuters news agency published an interview with Kadyrov, where he argued that Moscow’s military strategy is needed to counter the United States and other Western countries, provoking riots in the North Caucasus and attempting thereby to destroy Russia. The most interesting quotes and comments from Russian newspapers on this subject leads today Site

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- What really Kadyrov said (quote)

According to him, last year’s attack by U.S. ally Georgia into pro-minded South Ossetia was part of a global plan to conquer the West the entire Caucasus region. “If they manage to subdue the Caucasus, then we can say, they will control the whole of Russia, because Caucasus is the backbone of our state”, - considers the Chechen leader.

“The Government of Russia should develop a strategy, it is time to attack - called Kadyrov. - Georgia, South Ossetia, Ukraine - is still going on without end. This is a public concern in Russia. Why must we always suffer if we can stop it?” We have enough for this forces, we have everything you need - the army, technology. We must go on the offensive. ”

The same day the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph reprinted the interview the president of Chechnya. But some Russian media to understand it so that Kadyrov calls to destroy Ukraine and Georgia. As the “”, among the first gave this interpretation of Ukrainian web-sites, in particular, UNIAN.

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, commenting on these publications, said Thursday that on the subject held a telephone conversation between the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of this country Vladimir Khandogy and

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