Putin’s proposal for the Memorial of Glory in Tbilisi estimated as a provocation

The proposal of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to establish a memorial destroyed in Kutaisi Fame in Moscow, Georgian MPs regard as another provocation.
It told the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations Akaki Minashvili, “Putin is trying to provoke the situation.”

“With this statement, Putin paid tribute to those people who fought against fascism and totalitarianism, and encourages totalitarianism” - he said.

Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on the Affairs of Compatriots Nugzar Tsiklauri also threatened to bring to justice all those people who agree to cooperate with Putin. “All these people should know that history would take into account everything and nothing to forget. This will mean cooperation with the regime which has destroyed many lives,” - said Tsiklauri.

Vladimir Putin yesterday called on Russia and the Georgian diaspora community to support its initiative to restore the ruined monument of Fame in Kutaisi in Moscow.

23 December 2009 | georgian mps, memorial of fame, putin

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• Putin promised to recreate in Moscow exploded in Kutaisi memorial »»»
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has promised to restore the monument of glory in Moscow, demolished in Kutaisi on 19 December.
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Georgian State Minister for Reintegration Teimuraz Minister also suggested that Russia would exchange the monument to Stalin in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Echo of Moscow “.
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"After Russia's aggression in Georgia has become a priority issue for the 2014 Olympics are not held in Sochi," - said today the Chairman of the Georgian Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations Akaki Minashvili.
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Russia intends to re-establish partnership with all constructive political forces of Georgia.
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Vladimir Putin yesterday for the first time personally involved in the situation around Abkhazia and South Ossetia.