Foreign Ministry: There is a suspicion that Georgia and Ukraine illegally selling weapons

Foreign Ministry does not rule out that the situation of detainees in Bangkok, IL-76, carrying the Thai security forces have found more than 30 tons of weapons may be involved in Georgia and Ukraine, the official said Russia’s Foreign Ministry Andrei Nesterenko.

“According to some unofficial information that we can neither confirm nor deny, that a Georgian aircraft, which was heading in the direction of Ukraine. I will not conceal the suspicion about the involvement of these states in the illegal arms trade”, - the diplomat said, noting that such suspicions can not be matter of concern “in the well-known reasons.”

Recall, 12 December in Thailand when refueling was detained a cargo plane Il-76, registered in Georgia. The plane was bound from North Korea to a third country with a shipment of arms and explosives weighing around 35 tons beneficiaries “of weapons is still unknown. The papers were written, that the board is equipment for processing oil.

It is known that the plane belongs to the Georgian Air West. In turn, in Tbilisi, said that the plane had been leased to the Ukrainian company SP Trading.

According to Thai media, the crew consists of 4 citizen of Kazakhstan (53-year-old Alexander Zrybnev, 58-year-old Victor Abdullaev, 54-year-old Vitali Shumkov, 53-year-old Ilyas Isakov), and one citizen of Belarus (54-year-old Mikhail Petukhov). All of them arrested, and they have been charged with illegal transportation of weapons that, according to the laws of Thailand, punishable up to death.

18 December 2009 | trade, weapons

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