On the screens of Georgia went on Georgian TV series The Simpsons - Family Samsonadze

List of characters in “Samsonadze, released six weeks ago on the TV channel Imedi, resemble their American counterparts: they have the same bulging eyes, the same mustard-colored leather, the same tetradigitate hands and characteristic movement. Uppercase frames the movie, when the clouds overlooking the city of caramel color - not just similar, but very similar to the image of Springfield, the hometown of the Simpsons.

But the plot differences do imeyutsyach. Samsonadze is this unit of Georgian society: Dad (Gela), mother (Dodo), daughter (Shorena) and son (Gia) live with their parents Gela, which is quite common in Georgia, where the very valued family and family values. Gela, like Homer Simpson, too, does not differ a great intellect - in the first series, he finds a job in a bank, where he was trusted to manage a photocopier, but more sexy and assertive Dodo is somewhat different from its prototype - Marge Simpson.

In the upper frame series “Samsonadze” appears not Bart Simpson on a skateboard, and the mountains of the Caucasus and the mad parrot family on behalf of Coca. According to Ramishvili, the similarity of initial training series with “The Simpsons” is intentional. “The most important - is the first reaction. That’s the reason” - he said of the introductory part of the cartoon.

17 December 2009 | samsonadze, screens, the simpsons

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