Georgia is going to force to regain Akhalgori region of South Ossetia and significant increases in the troops

Georgia is going to attempt to regain power Akhalgori (Leningorsky) region of South Ossetia, according to diplomatic sources Russia. The Ministry of Defense added that proof of such training can be a significant strengthening of the Georgian troops in the border area with the territory.

In addition, a rotation of the armed forces. We also know that American instructors began training the Georgian military strategy and tactics of warfare in mountainous terrain, the newspaper “Vedomosti”. In Akhalgori just such a relief.

A month ago the head of General Staff Nikolai Makarov, Russia stated that, according to his data, Georgia regained and even exceeded the military potential that before the conflict in South Ossetia. This was due to supply anti-aircraft, small arms, artillery from abroad. According to informed sources, the supply of weapons to Georgia from Ukraine, Czech Republic, Turkey and Israel are continuing and at present.

15 December 2009 | going, increases, troops, war

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