“With all the responsibility I can say that Saakashvili - a drug addict,” - Giorgi Khaindrava, former State Minister of Georgia

“With all the responsibility I can say that Saakashvili - a drug addict. And not to be unfounded, I propose to pass with him in the laboratory analysis for drugs in blood,” - Khaindrava said in an interview with the Georgian weekly “Alavan-dasavali.

He also accused the Georgian Interior Minister Vano Merabishvili to control drugs flow, passing through Georgia.

“Vano Merabishvili is the central” barygoy “in Georgia” - said Khaindrava.

He said that he once tried drugs, but with this thing long “tied”.

In late November, the leader of the Green Party Giorgi Gachechiladze said that going through the Republic of drug transit from Afghanistan to Europe, would have been impossible without the involvement of corrupt officials and lobbyists.

In an interview with the Georgian newspaper “Version”, he claimed that about seven tons of heroin annually to reach Europe from the ports of Georgia, mostly from the port of Poti.

“I am sure that without the corrupt deals in Georgia to carry such a quantity of drugs through the country is impossible, and this is serious business lobbyists, so this issue should be interested in Interpol,” - said the leader of the Georgian Green.

He recalled that in a report the U.S. Bureau of Narcotics and criminality, the report of official EU counter-narcotics, the statistics on which, “Georgia is creating challenges for the West in terms of drug trafficking.”

7 December 2009 | addict, drug trafficking, drugs, saakashvili

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