Georgia held the soldiers in Afghanistan

A group of Georgian soldiers in the 173 people, from the 23rd Battalion 2 nd Infantry Brigade Georgian Defense Ministry on Monday went to Afghanistan, reports RIA Novosti.
This is the first of two groups of Georgian military, which constitute the group of NATO. 23rd Battalion will serve in the zone of responsibility of the French contingent. The second group of soldiers leaving for Afghanistan in February and will be concentrated in the zone of responsibility of the United States.

"This is a very important operation for Georgia because it is held under the auspices of NATO" - said at a solemn farewell ceremony for the commander of the Army of Georgia Nikoloz Janjgava. Sending troops to Afghanistan, the Georgian leaders are hoping to facilitate the process of accession to the North Atlantic Alliance. The request for sending the auxiliary forces of the NATO allies came to parliament from President Mikhail Saakashvili.

16 November 2009 | afghanistan, georgia, sending, troops, usa

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• The Georgian military will maintain the stability of the French and American sectors of Afghanistan »»»
Georgia is ready to further contribute to the issue of global security and to send troops to Afghanistan, despite the existing external security threats.
• Georgia has proposed to NATO aircraft sky, and the coalition - of their soldiers »»»
Tbilisi suggests NATO use its territory as one of alternative ways to continue the peacekeeping operation in Afghanistan, “said the head of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia David Sikharulidze.
• Saakashvili proposed to use Georgia for NATO strikes »»»
Mikheil Saakashvili offered the U.S. use Georgia as a staging ground for attacks on NATO forces to the extremist Taliban movement in Afghanistan.
• Georgia will send peacekeepers to Afghanistan »»»
Georgia will send several hundred soldiers to participate in peacekeeping operations in Afghanistan.
• Georgia may send troops to Afghanistan »»»
Georgian Defense Ministry is negotiating with NATO on the direction of the Georgian military units in Afghanistan.