Georgian opposition opened a criminal case on Saakashvili

The second anniversary of the crackdown by special forces rally in Tbilisi, the Georgian opposition said a series of shares. However, their scale indicates that raise a new wave of protest in Georgia will be difficult.

The action began at 15.00 in front of Public TV - This channel is considered pro-government. The protesters demanded the displacement of the helm of this channel. Then the protesters marched to the building of the Georgian Parliament.

As said GZT.RU leader of "Movement for United Georgia, Eka Beselia, the opposition will never accept violence and will never forget the November 7, 2007". "One can not protest when the times demand it," - sure, Levan Berdzenishvili, one of the leaders of the opposition Republican Party. His political organization is not officially involved in the protest, but some of its representatives, including those he still came.

Requirements of participants of today's action were the same - the resignation of Mikhail Saakashvili to the post of president, the holding of early presidential and parliamentary elections, the condemnation of violence by the authorities. According to various estimates, at a rally attended by 2 to 5 thousand people.

Another rally on Saturday held a non-governmental organization Human Rights Priorities "Her representatives gathered for a rally outside the offices of the Ombudsman. As said GZT.RU representatives of the organization, they are invited to share all those who believe that the November 7, 2007 crackdown on the peaceful demonstration was violated freedom of speech and expression.

In parallel with protests in Tbilisi hosted a conference dedicated to the six-year presidential reign of Mikhail Saakashvili. "The party will do everything to ensure that Saakashvili was brought before the court and would have answered for all his crimes against the Georgian people," - said in an exclusive interview GZT.RU secretary general of the opposition Conservative Party, Kakha Kukava. According to him, the Conservative Party has prepared an indictment against President Mikhail

8 November 2009 | saakashvili

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