In Georgia, to create a TV channel broadcasting in Russia

In Georgia, is building a new Russian-language TV channel, writes "Time of news" with reference to the local media.

Emergence of "First in the Caucasus" in the air can be expected in early 2010. It is planned that it will broadcast the entire North Caucasus.

The new channel is created on the basis of pro-Georgian Public Television, is serious training. It is planned to be invited to work in the first Caucasian "the widow of former Chechen President Dudayev Alla, which often staying in Tbilisi. For training in Georgia, Russia moved director of the Center for Journalism in Extreme Oleg Panfilov.

At the same time, Russia's oligarch Boris Berezovsky has denied in an interview the Georgian media attention that he intends to sponsor the channel.

"For us it is important to convey the position of the State to the national minorities living in Georgia and used as the language spoken Russian, - explained the idea of a TV Georgian Deputy State Minister for Reintegration Elena Tevdoradze. - In this context, the idea of creating such a nice channel. With respect to our fans ideas and views from Georgia, it's hard to talk about it, but I do not exclude that certain Russian politicians, this can cause irritation. "

3 November 2009 | georgia

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