In Georgia, the mass amnestied addicts

The Georgian authorities have decided to grant amnesty to drug addicts. Part of punishment will be reduced twice convicted for the illegal purchase, possession or transportation of a narcotic drug.

However, the unexpired part of the punishment will be reduced by half and convicted for illegal manufacture, acquisition, storage and / or use without medical prescription drug in small doses.

Supposedly, the bill will be approved within two weeks.

3 November 2009 | addicts, drugs, georgia, prison

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• "With all the responsibility I can say that Saakashvili - a drug addict," - Giorgi Khaindrava, former State Minister of Georgia »»»
“With all the responsibility I can say that Saakashvili - a drug addict.
• Saakashvili instructed to verify and identify drug use among officials throughout the country. Misko ready to pass the first test. »»»
Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili has supported an initiative on the application of modern methods to identify drug users in state structures.
• The widow of the first Georgian president calls for political asylum in Germany. Her son Tsotne Gamsakhurdia is suspected of murder »»»
The widow of the first Georgian president Zviad Gamsakhurdia, Manana Archvadze-Gamsakhurdia said the pressure on her family and demands for political asylum in Germany.
• Head of Federal Drug Control: Georgia has become a transit point of drugs from Afghanistan to Russia »»»
The territory of Georgia has attracted the attention of drug dealers zavozyaschih drugs in Russia, said Thursday at the inter-agency coordination meeting in Yessentuki FSKN Director Viktor Ivanov.
• Georgia - A new prison of nations: Washington and Tbilisi to discuss the possible dispatch to Georgia a group of prisoners from Guantanamo »»»
Вопрос о закрытии базы в Гуантанамо и возможной отправке оттуда