Who loved, who hated and, most importantly, for what? External likes and dislikes Russians

Georgia - the main enemy of our country, so consider 62% of Russians. This "leadership" in the near future is unlikely someone will be able to challenge - last year's war in South Ossetia continues to occupy a central place in the media. The second place in the "unloved" countries are the United States. In the minds of many Russians Prosh logodnyaya war was not only, perhaps, not so much conflict between Georgia and Russia, as a clash of the United States and Russia. When pollsters asked about the causes of the war, most of those surveyed blamed U.S. policies that attempt to de-force Russia out of the traditional areas of influence, that is, from the Caucasus and neighboring countries. Ranked third with Ukraine. After it happened "orange revolution", Russia's mass media have given a visual signal: wet! Back in March 2005 to Ukraine were negative, only 22% of Russians, and in May 2009 are - already 56%. In the enemies of the Russians also recorded the Baltic States: Latvia (35%), Lithuania (35%), Estonia (30%).

2 November 2009 | georgia, russia, usa

Yevgeny Primakov, Russia has recognized Georgia's attacks on aircraft unmarked
In Georgia, the mass amnestied addicts

• U.S. will not permit Russia to prevent the entry of Georgia into NATO »»»
U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Thursday said that the policy of Russian authorities led Russia on the path to international isolation and devalue its position on the world stage.
• Reuters interceded for Kadyrov: it does not threaten Ukraine and Georgia, the words out of context »»»
Call Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov eliminate Ukraine and Georgia may be the invention of Ukrainian origin.
• U.S. will make Georgia a transit corridor for energy resources »»»
Washington still intends to make Georgia one of the strategic energy transit routes to Europe.
• Patrick Buchanan - author of "Churchill, Hitler and the unnecessary war": Why do we tease the bear? »»»
Is the Senate is trying to revive the Cold War? If so, he does everything right in this regard.
• Georgia does not intend to recognize Kosovo's independence »»»
Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Foreign Liaison Georgia Konstantin Gabashvili said that Georgia would not recognize the independence of Kosovo, Interfax reported.