Alexander Vershbow: U.S. does not deploy missile defense in those countries that are not part of NATO

We are not conducting negotiations on the placement of missile defense with countries that are not members of the alliance.

20 October 2009

Hollywood film shoots in Tbilisi about the war with Russia
Georgia has filed new charges against South Ossetia

• NATO not abandoned plans for Georgia and Ukraine into the alliance. »»»
NATO not abandoned plans for Georgia and Ukraine into the alliance.
• Danger Does the entry of Georgia into NATO. The U.S. policy against Georgia and Ukraine shows that Washington does not abandoned the idea of world domination »»»
Can any of the countries joining NATO, abandon the deployment on its territory of military bases the North Atlantic alliance?
• Ukraine and Georgia once again, like a year ago, promised to take into NATO »»»
Participants of the anniversary of the NATO summit, which ended yesterday in Strasbourg, repeated the promise in the future to take Ukraine and Georgia into the alliance.
• Military diplomats: if Georgia and Ukraine join NATO, Russia will withdraw from the CFE Treaty »»»
A senior military-diplomatic source in Moscow said that Russia will withdraw from the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) in the case of Ukraine and Georgia into NATO.
• Ukraine denied information about their involvement in the conflict antiaircrafter »»»
The Ministry of Defense denied that sets defense of Georgia, sbivshie in South Ossetia four Russian aircraft were serviced by Ukrainian military, said agency Interfax on 13 August.